Essential Mineral Management, from Ag to Zn
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We offer a full range of mineral management services—from small projects to "A to Z" mineral management.

Mineral Asset Management

  • State-of-the Art GIS capabilities
  • Lease and contract evaluations and negotiations
  • Monitoring and oversight of mineral lease and industry contracts
  • Title analysis, due diligence, and curative services
  • Marketing of unleased mineral interests
  • Production verification
  • Preparation of deeds, assignments, leases, and other industry related contracts
  • Leases, permits and drilling activity monitoring
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic  industry partner alliances—engineering, geology, legal, tax, audit, and appraisals

Mineral Asset Administration

  • Mineral potential evaluation
  • Mineral property valuation
  • Ore reserve estimates
  • Property inspection
  • Property line verification
  • Scale inspection and testing
  • Land record database preparation and analysis

Accounting, Back-office and Reporting

  • Royalty verification
  • Customized reporting of production and revenue
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Periodic review of mineral properties
  • Dividend preparation and distribution
  • Tax, audit, K-1 preparation assistance
  • Real estate tax payment assistance
  • SEC compliance assistance

Mesabi Miracle

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