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Mineral Management

from Ag to Zn

since 1890

Located in Hibbing, MN

The Heart of the Mesabi Iron Range

Our Founders

John M. Longyear

Russell M. Bennett

Gov. John S. Pillsbury

George A. Pillsbury

Charles A. Pillsbury

1890 Memorandum of Agreement

Bennett and Longyear to receive a one-half interest in the Pillsbury lands if they can find ore. Similar arrangement for Wright & Davis lands.

Exploration Begins

E. J. Longyear is hired to explore the lands. He brings the first diamond drill to the Mesabi Range in 1890.

Iron Ore Discovered

In 1892, E. J. Longyear and his crew find rich ore near Chisholm. This discovery formalizes the joint venture partnership and becomes their first mine, the Pillsbury.

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Meriden Iron Company est. 1903

With the onset of mining in 1902, the joint venture needed a representative on the Mesabi Range to oversee its leases.

The Original Land Companies

· Sargent Land Company
· Sutton Land Company
· Kearsarge Land Company

· Keewatin Mining Company

Superior Mineral Resources

2009—Land ownership consolidated into a single entity, Meriden remains as a wholly owned subsidiary.

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Backed by over a century of mineral asset ownership and management, you can put our experience to work for you. Most mineral owners miss out on maximizing the amount of revenue they are entitled to. We have the expertise to manage your mineral properties to their fullest potential.

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Who We Are

As the 19th century was winding down, few suspected that iron ore was hidden beneath the vast northern Minnesota timberlands.  Among those few, our founders, whose intuition and foresight became the Mesabi Miracle, which has grown into a comprehensive mineral management enterprise.

  • Decades of mineral ownership and management have perfected our business
  • Knowledge and pride of workmanship passed through multiple generations
  • A strong mix of seasoned mineral industry veterans and eager new talent

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What We Do

We offer a full line of mineral management services using the latest technology to provide effective mineral management. We customize our services to each client’s needs.

  • Mineral Asset Management
  • Mineral Asset Administration
  • Accounting/Back-Office
  • Reporting Services

Most mineral owners miss out on maximizing the amount of revenue they are entitled to.  We have the expertise to manage your mineral properties to their fullest potential.

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Our Values


handshake iconOur name embodies the Lake Superior Region of our origin and our commitment to a superior level of quality service to our clients. Our longevity is no accident. Our team of seasoned mineral industry professionals is committed to continuing the high standard of excellence established by our founders. We serve our clients with honesty and integrity. We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients and firmly believe their success is our success.

Who is a typical Superior client?

  • Small to large mineral owners who want to get their mineral assets set up and organized.
  • Mineral owners who have recently inherited mineral properties and need help managing their assets.
  • Mineral owners who are being approached by exploration or mining companies to lease their properties.
  • Mineral owners who are planning to transfer their mineral assets to the next generation.
  • Mineral owners who do not have the time or expertise to manage their minerals.

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